The Legalities of a Marriage in Cyprus

The Legalities of a Marriage in Cyprus

All wedding ceremonies are conducted in English.

It is very popular for UK and Irish Citizens to marry in Cyprus and the marriage is perfectly legal in your home country.

However, according to Cypriot law, you will need to meet the following  requirements and original documentation with you:

  • 10 Year Passport, not due to expire within 6 months
  • Birth Certificate for both Bride and Groom
  • If you are divorced, you will need your Decree Absolute
  • If widowed, a death certificate, and your previous marriage certificate
  • If adopted, an adoption certificate is required
  • If under 18 years old, an officially stamped letter of consent from parents or guardian
  • Anglican Baptism Certificate for EITHER Bride or Groom
  • Catholic Baptism Certificate for BOTH Bride and Groom
  • If name changed by Deed Poll, you must have proof of this, stamped and signed by a solicitor
  • If not from UK (i.e. Irish or Scottish passport holders), a "Certificate of No Impediment" from that country's Embassy or registry office. (sometimes called a Freedom to Marry Certificate)
  • Certificate signed by a solicitor in the UK, indicating you are single and free to marry. (Freedom to Marry Certificate). This must have an official stamp and be valid for 6 months. It is best obtained 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date.). Details must include your name, address, nationality, religion, passport number and occupation; state whether single, divorced or widowed; that you intend to marry in Cyprus; and be signed and stamped by a UK solicitor, stating 'solicitor' on the document.
  • You must be resident on the Island of Cyprus for a minimum of  THREE working days (excluding weekends, public holidays and the day of arrival) before the wedding day.  It is not now compulsory to have a minimum stay on the Island for two weeks (would be good for you though to relax, enjoy the whole wedding process and take in the beauty of this wonderful sunshine Island)

Dream Cyprus Weddings requires photocopies of all relevant documents at least six weeks prior to your arrival. Please bring all original documents with you. Wherever we can, all assistance will be given to fast-track all documentation for last minute weddings, within the time constraints available. Dream Cyprus Weddings cannot be held responsible for any changes to the time and date of service or wedding arrangements which are beyond our control. Incorrect or forgotten documentation may lead to cancellation of the wedding, for which Dream Cyprus Weddings cannot be held responsible.